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Thanks to the voluntary and often painstaking initiative of others, select articles from the Zero Anthropology Magazine have been translated into other languages, and then republished on other sites. We are very fortunate and grateful for this rare honour. Indeed, it is remarkable that in many cases it was some of the longest articles that were translated. The following list consists of translations of which we are aware, and we therefore apologize for any items that may have been unknowingly omitted. (Not included below were the articles written for Al Jazeera Arabic—see Publications—or newspaper interviews published in other languages—see In the Media.)

Arabic - العربية

From Zero Anthropology, June 17, 2009, “America’s Iranian Twitter Revolution”—Translation: “ثورة تويتر.. أحلام أميركا في إيران,” Al Jazeera Arabic, June 28, 2009.

Farsi - فارسي

From Zero Anthropology, June 17, 2009, “America’s Iranian Twitter Revolution”—Translation: “جوگيری اينترنتي/ انقلاب تويتري,”, 2009.

French - Français

From Zero Anthropology, November 8, 2016, “101 Things We Learned from WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails”—Translation: “Les 101 choses que nous avons apprises des emails Podesta de WikiLeaks,” Wikileaks Actu Francophone, November 8, 2016.

From Zero Anthropology, April 25, 2016. “Globalization: Beyond Discontent”—Translation: “Sur Joseph E. Stiglitz (2003), La Mondialisation et ses mécontents, New York: W.W. Norton & Company,” Wikileaks Actu Francophone, May 23, 2016.

Italian - Italiano

From Zero Anthropology, March 29, 2019, “On Duty for the CIA: German Nazis and Italian Fascists”—Translation: “Al servizio della CIA: nazisti tedeschi e fascisti italiani,” Voci dall’estero, April 16, 2019.

From Zero Anthropology, February 24, 2019, “Fake Humanitarianism Fails its Big Test in Venezuela”—Translation: “Il falso umanitarismo fallisce il suo grande test in Venezuela,” SakerItalia, February 24, 2019.

From Zero Anthropology, February 6, 2019, “Against Intervention in Venezuela: The Case of the Caribbean Community”—Translation: “Contro l’intervento in Venezuela: il caso della comunità caraibica,” SakerItalia, February 6, 2009, and republished on Nuova Resistenza.

From Zero Anthropology, July 31, 2017, “The Working Class, Identity Politics and New Victorian History”—Translation: “Classe Lavoratrice, Politiche Identitarie e Neo-Vittorianismo,” SinistraInRete, September 24. (archived: PDF)

From Zero Anthropology, January 18, 2017, “The Dying Days of Liberalism”—Translation: “Gli Ultimi Giorni dell’Ideologia Liberal,” Voci dall’estero, January 28, 2017; and, “I giorni finali del liberalismo,” SakerItalia, January, 2017.

From Zero Anthropology, August 3, 2016, “Immigration and Capital”—Translation: “Immigrazione e Capitale,” SakerItalia, 2016; and, “Immigrazione e Capitale,” Voci dall’estero, October 1, 2016.

From CounterPunch, August 31, 2011, “The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya”—Translation: “La Top Ten dei Falsi Miti sulla Guerra in Libia,” PeaceLink: telematica per la pace, September 8, 2011. (archived: PDF)

Portuguese - Português

From Zero Anthropology, September 9, 2008, “How to Protect Yourself from an Anthropologist: A Code of Ethics from the Bottom Up”—Translation: “Como se proteger de um antropólogo: Um código de ética a partir da base,” Iberoamérica Social, December 25, 2018.

Spanish - Español

From CounterPunch, December 14, 2010, “The WikiLeaks Revolution”—Translation: “La revolución Wikileaks,” Sin Permiso, December 19, 2010.

From Zero Anthropology, November 22, 2009, “Imperialism, Americanization, and the Social Sciences”—Translation: “Imperialismo, americanización y las ciencias sociales,” Instituto de Estrategia, January 17, 2018; and, “Imperialismo, americanización, y las ciencias sociales,” Instituto de Estudios Estrategicos Manquehue, June 5, 2016.


Image: A view of the so-called “Jelly Bean row” of colourful homes in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Photograph by Maximilian C. Forte (2018), free for non-commercial reuse, with attribution.



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