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This selection consists only of recent articles (2016 and after) dealing with globalization, neoliberalism, and cosmopolitanism, and the political and cultural opposition which they have engendered. The coverage here is broad enough that it includes some of the key themes that became prominent in public debates, such as citizenship and immigration, as well as the decline of what former US president George H.W. Bush proclaimed as the “New World Order”. The material begins with key events that took place in 2016, such as the UK's “Brexit” vote, and the election of Donald J. Trump to the US presidency. (Readers may also wish to check this site’s lists for articles on “The New Victorianism” and “Empire,” as the two are sometimes closely related to the list below.) Related items also appear under Documentrary Reviews on this site. The date of the most recent edit here was June 27, 2019.

2019. “Brexitannia: The Faces and Voices of Brexit”. Zero Anthropology, May 23.

2019. “Brexit, the Uncivil War: Watering Myths with the Teardrops of the Ruling Class”. Zero Anthropology, May 21.

2019. “Ghost Exchange: Complexity, Velocity, and Risk”. Zero Anthropology, January 29.

2018. “Robert Reich’s ‘Inequality for All’”. Zero Anthropology, July 29.

2018. “The Trade War is Here: Some of the New ‘Facts of Life’”. Zero Anthropology, July 2.

2018. “Better Off Without NAFTA, Part 3: Mexico—Armed Rebellion, Mass Migration, Flat GDP”. Zero Anthropology, June 7.

2018. “Better Off Without NAFTA, Part 2: Canada—Localized Profit, but a Net Outflow of Capital”. Zero Anthropology, June 7.

2018. “Better Off Without NAFTA, Part 1: Introduction—the US, Trump, and Facts and Fictions about Winners and Losers”. Zero Anthropology, June 7.

2018. “Trade War and the Nationalist Exchange: Trudeau Trails Trump”. Zero Anthropology, June 1.

2018. “‘Inside Job’ is Still Relevant”. Zero Anthropology, May 25.

2018. “‘The China Hustle’ is a Problematic Cautionary Tale”. Zero Anthropology, May 3.

2018. “Progress, Progressivism, and Progressives”. Zero Anthropology, February 28.

2017. “Democratization vs. Liberalism in Canada”. Zero Anthropology, December 22.

2017. “Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Exploitation, Cultural Genocide: Problems of Neoliberal Diversity Management”. Zero Anthropology, December 19.

2017. “How to Make Extremism Mainstream and Fake a Debate about Islamophobia”. Zero Anthropology, June 6.

2017. “Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment”. Zero Anthropology, May 8.

2017. “The Dying Days of Liberalism”. Zero Anthropology, January 18.

2016. “Anthropologists and ‘Illegal Immigrants”. Zero Anthropology, December 27.

2016. “Open Borders, Global Citizenship, and the Working Class”. Zero Anthropology, December 26.

2016. “Trump and Anthropology”. Zero Anthropology, November 17.

2016. “101 Things We Learned from WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails”. Zero Anthropology, November 8.

2016. “Haunted by Gaddafi”. Zero Anthropology, October 22.

2016. “Neoliberalism, Brexit, and Higher Education”. Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2016. “Donald Trump and Empire: An Assessment”. Zero Anthropology, October 6.

2016. “Economic Citizenship and Resource Nationalism”. Zero Anthropology, September 25.

2016. “Cosmopolitan Imperialism: Obama Does Anthropology in Laos?Zero Anthropology, September 8.

2016. “Immigration and Capital”. Zero Anthropology, August 3.

2016. “The World Changed Overnight”. Zero Anthropology, June 24.

2016. “Review of a Film by Michael Moore: 'Where to Invade Next' (2016)”. Zero Anthropology, May 25.

2016. “Why Donald J. Trump Will Be the Next President of the United States”. Zero Anthropology, May 4.

2016. “Half-Heads: A Dominant Force in US Politics”. Zero Anthropology, April 30.

2016. “Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy”. Zero Anthropology, April 27.

2016. “Globalization: Beyond Discontent”. Zero Anthropology, April 25.

2016. “The Wall: A Monument to the Nation-State”. Zero Anthropology, April 17.

2016. “Terminal Condition: Neoliberal Globalization”. Zero Anthropology, March 13.

2016. “To Understand Donald Trump is to Not Explain Donald Trump”. Zero Anthropology, February 26.


Image: Built in 1913 and having once transported Canadian infantry during WWII, the SS Kyle remains aground off Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, where she has been since 1967. Photograph by Maximilian C. Forte (2018), free for non-commercial reuse with attribution.



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