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Empire, imperialism, and colonialism, are central to the research focus and analytical interests built into the Zero Anthropology Project. Since so much can ultimately be related to imperialism, it was difficult to select the most pertinent articles, so what follows should be taken as a rough selection. Related articles will be found in several of the other listings on this site. One ZA site is specifically devoted to collecting and commenting on articles dealing with issues of empire and anti-imperialism: Encircling Empire: Reports. The date of the most recent edit on this page was June 26, 2019.

2019. “Americans Can Do Two Things at the Same Time”. Zero Anthropology, March 13.

2019. “Fiction Plus Coercion Makes Reality: The Illegitimacy of the US-led Coup in Venezuela”. Zero Anthropology, February 14.

2019. “A War for Oil: The US Economic War on Venezuela”. Zero Anthropology, February 12.

2019. “Trump’s Coup in Venezuela”. Zero Anthropology, January 24.

2018. “Syria: The New Terra Nullius”. Zero Anthropology, October 6.

2018. “North Korea: The Undaunted State Tests the Limits of Empire”. Zero Anthropology, May 25.

2018. “What Happened to the American Empire?Zero Anthropology, January 11.

2018. “Privilege: White, American, or Imperial?”. Zero Anthropology, January 4.

2017. “In Memory of Manuel Noriega, Looking Back after 27 Years”. Zero Anthropology, May 30.

2017. “Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment”. Zero Anthropology, May 8.

2016. “Haunted by Gaddafi”. Zero Anthropology, October 22.

2016. “Donald Trump and Empire: An Assessment”. Zero Anthropology, October 6.

2016. “Half-Heads: A Dominant Force in US Politics”. Zero Anthropology, April 30.

2016. “Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy”. Zero Anthropology, April 27.

2016. “Crisis, ISIS, Synthesis: Where is Libya Going?Zero Anthropology, February 24.

2016. “The Shape of Things to Come in Libya (Part 2 of 2)”. Zero Anthropology, February 21.

2016. “The Shape of Things to Come in Libya (Part 1 of 2)”. Zero Anthropology, February 14.

2015. “2015: Just Another Year for Empire”. Zero Anthropology, December 31.

2015. “Bagram Santa”. Zero Anthropology, December 23.

2015. “The Babysitter”. Zero Anthropology, December 22.

2015. “Bare Feet”. Zero Anthropology, December 21.

2015. “Force Multipliers and 21st Century Imperial Warfare: Practice and Propaganda”. Zero Anthropology, November 8.

2015. “The Dismal ‘Physics’ of Blowback and Overstretch”. Zero Anthropology, November 8.

2015. “Military Capitalism”. Zero Anthropology, November 5.

2015. “Connected Capitalism?Zero Anthropology, November 3.

2015. “Empire’s ‘Mimic Men’”. Zero Anthropology, October 24.

2015. “Force Multipliers and Stealth Imperialism”. Zero Anthropology, October 22.

2015. “Force Multipliers and Cuba”. Zero Anthropology, October 21.

2015. “The ‘Science’ of Global Domination”. Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2015. “Scientific Imperialism”. Zero Anthropology, October 16.

2015. “Instrumental Partners: An Imperial Science of Agency”. Zero Anthropology, October 15.

2015. “Eight Questions and Seven Theses about Force Multipliers”. Zero Anthropology, October 14.

2014. “Realism or Iconography? The Pentagon’s Implicit Theory of Visual Representation”. Zero Anthropology, October 10.

2014. “The US Military as Great Chief, Father, Doctor, and Babysitter”. Zero Anthropology, October 1.

2014. “The Visual Imperium”. Zero Anthropology, September 29.

2014. “Pentagon Photography and Visual Anthropology”. Zero Anthropology, September 26.

2014. “Imperial Abduction: The Globalization of Residential Schooling”. Zero Anthropology, August 29.

2014. “Civil Society, NGOs, and Saving the Needy: Imperial Neoliberalism”. Zero Anthropology, August 28.

2014. “The Syndrome of Humanitarian Interventionism”. Zero Anthropology, August 27.

2014. “Nature, Culture, and Imperial Beliefs”. Zero Anthropology, August 26.

2014. “Surveillance, Dissent, and Imperialism”. Zero Anthropology, March 1.

2014. “Sochi, Sexuality, and Empire”. Zero Anthropology, January 23.

2013. “Thirty Years After the U.S. Invasion of Grenada, the First Neoliberal War”. Zero Anthropology, October 28.

2013. “On UNSCR 2118 and Syria: Reality, Resolutions, Representations”. Zero Anthropology, September 29.

2013. “Slouching Towards Washington”. Zero Anthropology, July 1.

2013. “Getting It Right: Hugo Chávez and the ‘Arab Spring’”. Zero Anthropology, April 14.

2013. “Thoughtful, Respectful, and Progressive: Regarding the ‘Responsibility to Protect’”. Zero Anthropology, February 24.

2013. “Libya: The Second Anniversary of a Bloody Coup”. Zero Anthropology, February 17.

2012. “Podcasts: NATO, AFRICOM, Racism, and the War on Libya”. Zero Anthropology, December 31.

2012. “The Effects of Diplomacy as Subversion: The State Department’s ‘Report’ on the Attack in Benghazi”. CounterPunch, December 20.

2012. “A War for Human Rights?The Political Bouillon, December 8.

2012. “Militanthro: Anthropology and the Study of NATO and the U.S. Military”. Zero Anthropology, November 23.

2012. “Education as Oppression: One Bedouin’s Perspective on Progress”. Zero Anthropology, October 31.

2012. “Remembering Gaddafi, One Year Later”. Zero Anthropology, October 21.

2012. “The Apotheosis of St. Christopher of Libya”. Zero Anthropology, September 29.

2012. “Mugabe: Humanitarian Imperialism, R2P, the Murder of Gaddafi, and the Destruction of Libya”. Zero Anthropology, September 27.

2012. “Libya: Empire or Dignity”. Zero Anthropology, September 22.

2012. “Libya: Imperial Humanists and Helpless Others”. Zero Anthropology, September 22.

2012. “Stay Up, Zimbabwe: Pan-Africanism, Caribbean Solidarity, and Dignity”. Zero Anthropology, August 28.

2012. “Still Standing: Zimbabwe”. Zero Anthropology, August 11.

2012. “Zimbabwe: ‘Keep your money, keep your power, and keep away from us’”. Zero Anthropology, August 09.

2012. “A Tear for Africa: Humanitarian Abduction and Reduction”. Zero Anthropology, August 1.

2012. “Keep Your Money: A Series on Dignity”. Zero Anthropology, July 29.

2012. “Complying with ‘Counter-Terrorism’: State Securitization of Canadian Academia (part 3)”. Zero Anthropology, July 23.

2012. “Complying with ‘Counter-Terrorism’: State Securitization of Canadian Academia (part 2)”. Zero Anthropology, July 23.

2012. “Complying with ‘Counter-Terrorism’: State Securitization of Canadian Academia (part 1)”. Zero Anthropology, July 23.

2011. “AAA 2011: A Review of Some Presentations on Military, Security, and Intelligence Topics”. Anthropologists for Justice and Peace, November 24.

2011. “Al Jazeera and U.S. Foreign Policy: What WikiLeaks’ U.S. Embassy Cables Reveal about U.S. Pressure and Propaganda”. Monthly Review (MRzine), September 22.

2011. “Reading Wikileaked Cables about Qatar and Al Jazeera”. Monthly Review (MRzine), September 15.

2011. “The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya”. CounterPunch, August 31.

2011. “Libya--Lather, Rinse, Repeat--Syria: Liberal Imperialism and the Refusal to Learn”. Monthly Review (MRzine), August 10.

2011. “America never went to war with a country that had a McDonald’s”. Anthropologists for Justice and Peace, June 9.

2011. “The War in Libya: Race, ‘Humanitarianism,’ and the Media”. Monthly Review (MRzine), April 11.

2011. “Libya: What Revolution? Whose Revolution?”. Zero Anthropology, March 31.

2011. “Encircling Empire: Report #15—The Humanitarian-Militarist Project and the Production of Empire in Libya”. Encircling Empire, March 26.

2011. “The Libyan Revolution is Dead: Notes for an Autopsy”. Zero Anthropology, March 18.

2011. “Encircling Empire: Report #14—Foreign Military Intervention in Libya: A Report on Neo-colonial dependency and humanitarian imperialism”. Encircling Empire, March 17.

2011. “The Exodus Story and Western Conceptions of Progress, Movement, Revolution”. Zero Anthropology, March 12.

2011. “Globalization, Compression, and the Desire for Intervention”. Zero Anthropology, March 8.

2011. “The Clinton doctrine: US reaction to events unfolding in the Arab world reveals the emergence of more insidious approach”. Al Jazeera, February 22.

2010. “Afghanistan: The Imperial Occupation’s Own Dancing Boys”. Zero Anthropology, December 28.

2010. “Where the Cure is the Disease and the Doctor Sickens the Patient: The Pathology of Occupation in Haiti”. Zero Anthropology, November 18.

2010. “Are You Afraid of the Digital Taleban?Zero Anthropology, October 3.

2010. “The ‘Dirty Secrets’ that Purify a Dirty War: A Colonial Tale of Dancing Boys, a Journalist, and the Human Terrain System in Afghanistan”. (with M. Jamil Hanifi) Zero Anthropology, September 7.

2010. “General Stanley McTerror: The Shocking Admissions the Media Treated as Unremarkable”. Zero Anthropology, June 23.

2010. “Collateral Murder, Part 2: Admission of U.S. War Crimes in Iraq”. Zero Anthropology, June 17.

2010. “Militainment: U.S. Military Propaganda in the News Media, Hollywood, and Video Games”. Zero Anthropology, June 13.

2010. “Canadian and Opposed to the War in Afghanistan? Welcome to the Majority”. Anthropologists for Justice and Peace, March 28.

2010. “CIA Feminism”. Zero Anthropology, March 27.

2010. “Mercenary Humanism”. Zero Anthropology, March 27.

2010. “Innocently Informing State Terrorism: Journalism, Knowledge, and Counterinsurgency”. Zero Anthropology, March 17.

2009. “Annotated Bibliography: Twitter and the Iranian Election Protests”. Zero Anthropology, July 24.

2009. “America’s Iranian Twitter Revolution”. Zero Anthropology, June 17. (Widely reproduced, translated into Farsi and Arabic, and an article that led to subsequent media interviews, this was the first article to appear criticizing the Iran "Twitter Revolution" theme, just four days after the Iranian election protests began.)

2009. “Putting Schools in the Line of Fire in Afghanistan”. Zero Anthropology, September 12.

2009. “The Political Economy of the Bullet in Afghanistan”. Zero Anthropology, August 16.

2009. “In Afghanistan It’s Now All About the Little Girls”. Zero Anthropology, August 9.

2009. “Dabashi is Wrong on the Left”. Zero Anthropology, July 29.

2009. “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens”. Zero Anthropology, July 10.

2009. “NATO and Afghanistan’s Shia Marriage Law: The Collapse of a Master Narrative”. Zero Anthropology, April 26.

2009. “The Teacher is Not Your Friend: An American Teaches Iraqi Police About Loyalty to Iraq”. Zero Anthropology, March 7.

2008. “This is war also: U.S. bombing civilians in Iraq”. Zero Anthropology, December 9.

2008. “Selectively Outraged, Half Humane, All American”. Zero Anthropology, November 21.

2008. “U.S. Marines in Arima, Trinidad”. Review of the Indigenous Caribbean, October 29.

2008. “‘You can’t shoot kids … but you can pound them’ — How insurgents are made”. Zero Anthropology, July 15.

2008. “Why can’t we shoot these kids?Zero Anthropology, July 11.

2008. “The United States’ Colonial Armed Forces: ‘Un-American’ Troops?Zero Anthropology, May 26.

2008. “CNN’s ‘Mondo Cane’: Screaming Muslim Babies in India, and Gawking Journalists (updated)”. Zero Anthropology, May 2.

2008. “09-11-1984, The Calculus of Fear: When Trivial Terrors Become the ‘Real Threats’”. Zero Anthropology, April 18.

2007. “The Colonization Will be Televised”. Review of the Indigenous Caribbean, January 8.


Image: Photograph of US Marines in Haiti, and Cacos rebels they captured following the 1916 invasion. Public domain.



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