The Best of the Rest

Not always easy to categorize, these are essays on disparate topics that are among my personal favourites and which also received a lot of favourable commentary and circulation. These include some of my more creative pieces.

2014. “Democracy in Cuba (and at Home).” Zero Anthropology, December 30.

2014. “Targeting Lev Tahor, from Israel to Canada.” Zero Anthropology, April 26.

2014. “Decolonizing Thought in the New World.” Zero Anthropology, April 13.

2010. “U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM): Commemorating Columbus Day 2010.” Zero Anthropology, October 12.

2010. “The Perfect Gift for the Anthropologist with a Smart Idea.” Zero Anthropology, May 10.

2009. “Single-Cell Resistance in the TimeSpace of Kairos.” Zero Anthropology, May 27.

2009. “‘In Complete World’ at the International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec, 2009.” Zero Anthropology, January 31.

2008. “The Revenge of the Local, the Horror of the Provincial, and Western Cosmopolitanism at Risk.” Zero Anthropology, December 1.

2008. “Spectroscopic Survey of Imperial (De)formations: A Wholly Dispassionate and Disinterested Report from the Links.” Zero Anthropology, August 4.

2008. “Joshua Marx, Anthropologist Among the Nationalists, Jumbies, and Whores of the Postcolony.” Zero Anthropology, June 4.

2008. “Daniela Drinks with ‘Darkie’.” Zero Anthropology, May 31.

2008. “Anthropology is Dead, Long Live Anthropology! (Who Wants to Leave those Golden Rule Days in the Jungle?).” Zero Anthropology, May 13.

2008. “It’s a 1-8-7 on the Undercover Blog….Zero Anthropology, May 5.

2008. “Turcisce Carnival by Ivo Kuzmanic: Comments from FFEM 2007.” Zero Anthropology, January 27.

2008. “International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec: Comments.” Zero Anthropology, January 27.

About Maximilian Forte

Anthropologist focusing on imperialism, neoliberalism, militarization, "humanitarian intervention," decolonization, Indigenous movements, and other topics in Political Anthropology. In addition, he teaches courses on visual anthropology, media ethnographies, and cultural imperialism. He is a full Professor in the Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal. Please direct comments and inquiries to