Caribbean History, Society, Politics, and Music

Many of these articles consist of (sometimes intentional) exercises of what I call "open source ethnography"–using public, openly accessible resources that are available without the need for "intervention" in the forms of interviews, intrusive observation, and questions structured by the researcher. Most of the time, these were either friendly collaborations, or lone pursuits of analysis and interpretation that were made publicly available. This is a generous selection that includes most of the longer items published.

2010. “Neocolonialism: It’s Post-Independence, Not Post-Colonial.” Zero Anthropology, September 3.

2009. “Dis Location: Arrival as Independence.” Zero Anthropology, June 14.

2009. “Frantz Fanon: Concerning Violence.” Zero Anthropology, March 12.

2008. “U.S. Marines in Trinidad & Tobago.” Zero Anthropology, October 27.

2008. “Ethnographic Wining: A German in Trinidad.” Zero Anthropology, August 11.

2008. “‘The Mongoose’ from a Trinidadian, Indian, Greek Point of View.” Zero Anthropology, August 7.

2008. “‘The Mongoose,’ by Derek Walcott, has a bigger bite than one might think.” Zero Anthropology, August 6.

2008. “Alien Abduction: Doing Calypso ‘the Right Way’ in the USA.” Zero Anthropology, July 28.

2008. “Show Me Your Motion! (Of Mentors, Peers, and Mimesis and Alterity in Trinidad).” Zero Anthropology, July 21.

2008. “Monday Morning ‘Mor Tor’: Wine it up just so…for the Video Notes from the Indian Diaspora, Part 2.” Zero Anthropology, July 14.

2008. “(Video) Notes from the Indian Diaspora, Part 1: Responding to Modernity and the Tyranny of Tradition.” Zero Anthropology, July 10.

2008. “‘Head-Decay-Shun’: Literacy, tool of the dependent and displaced?Zero Anthropology, July 9.

2008. “Stockholm Bollywood: ‘Jumma chumma de de’ and Memories of a Cultural Shock.” Zero Anthropology, July 7.

2008. “Ataklan Walks Naked.” Zero Anthropology, June 30.

2008. “Navajo Nation Steelpan, and Aboriginal Reggae.” Zero Anthropology, June 17.

2008. “The Sun Starts to Rise.” Zero Anthropology, June 16.

2008. “Walk Cautiously where Shame and Confusion Lurk.” Zero Anthropology, June 9.

2008. “That’s Just Ole Rum Talk….Zero Anthropology, June 2.

2008. “Revolution (3 Canal): ‘This land is “mines”’.” Zero Anthropology, May 26.

2008. “KOBO•TOWN: The Promise of Independence.” Zero Anthropology, May 21.

2008. “Marlon’s Monday Morning Medication.” Zero Anthropology, May 19.

2008. “Talk Yuh Talk, Mocking Pretenders.” Zero Anthropology, May 12.

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