Anthropologies of Zero

This is an assortment on articles about anthropology. While writing about anthropology in general, for an anthropological audience, is one of the more conservative and less interesting activities that I could imagine, there is no denying that I maintain an interest in "the anthropology of anthropology," especially as this pertains to our insider knowledge of imperialism, colonialism, and the power of state and corporate elites, as well as finding new anthropologies that takes us beyond the encrusted positions of authority of the past. This list, while still narrow (excluding many short blog postings that consist of extended quotes), will be updated annually. (Please note that the "Zero Series" is separate and appears on this site under the ZAP tab.)

2015. “BDS, the AAA, and Academic Imperialism.” Zero Anthropology, November 14.

2014. “The Real World of Democracy (and Anthropology).” Zero Anthropology, December 30.

2014. “Pentagon Photography and Visual Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, September 26.

2014. “Weaponizing Anthropology: An Overview.” Zero Anthropology, August 19.

2014. “Anthropology: The Empire on which the Sun Never Sets (Part 3).” Zero Anthropology, May 16.

2014. “Anthropology: The Empire on which the Sun Never Sets (Part 2).” Zero Anthropology, May 16.

2014. “Anthropology: The Empire on which the Sun Never Sets (Part 1).” Zero Anthropology, May 16.

2014. “Decolonizing Thought in the New World.” Zero Anthropology, April 13.

2013. “A Russian Lesson on the Anthropology of International Relations.” Zero Anthropology, September 10.

2013. “The Bad University Department.” Zero Anthropology, February 17.

2012. “ANTHROPOLOGY–The Definitive Definition (2nd edition).” Zero Anthropology, December 11.

2012. “Anthropology, Global Scouts and Expeditionary Democracy.” Zero Anthropology, December 7.

2012. “Global Ethnographic Surveillance.” Zero Anthropology, December 7.

2012. “Militanthro: Anthropology and the Study of NATO and the U.S. Military.” Zero Anthropology, November 23.

2012. “Education as Oppression: One Bedouin’s Perspective on Progress.” Zero Anthropology, October 31.

2012. “Keep Your Money: A Series on Dignity.” Zero Anthropology, July 29.

2011. “Students Take Anthropology Back Into the Streets: A Report on Off-AAA.” Anthropologists for Justice and Peace, November 23.

2010. “Fear and Loathing of Margaret Mead.” Zero Anthropology, September 22.

2010. “When I hear the word ‘culture’….Zero Anthropology, August 5.

2009. “The Funding of the University: Shaping the Conditions for Higher Education.” Zero Anthropology, June 7.

2009. “Worldwide Popular Interest in Anthropology, 2004-2009: Online Search Statistics.” Zero Anthropology, April 11.

2008. “Who Is Still Running the World? An ‘Anthropologically Unjust’ Reality.” Zero Anthropology, November 24.

2008. “Anthropology’s Many Deaths and the Birth of World Anthropologies.” Zero Anthropology, November 4.

2008. “Review of Johannes Fabian’s Ethnography as Commentary.” Zero Anthropology, September 22.

2008. “Como protegerse contra un antropólogo: Un código de ética desde la base.” Zero Anthropology, September 21.

2008. “How to Protect Yourself from an Anthropologist: A Code of Ethics from the Bottom Up.” Zero Anthropology, September 9.

2008. “The Wrong Way and the White Way (or, The Whiteness of Being an Anthropologist).” Zero Anthropology, September 6.

2008. “Stuff White People Like: Anthropology, apparently.” Zero Anthropology, August 23.

2008. “Two Ways of Doing Anthropology, Maybe a Third, and Still Losing.” Zero Anthropology, June 27. (Featured for a time on the front page of Inside Higher Ed.)

2008. “Looking Beyond SSHRC: Decentralizing and Opening Research Funding.” Zero Anthropology, May 19.

2008. “Institutional Limits on Collaborative Anthropology: More on SSHRC Funding in Canada.” Zero Anthropology, May 10.

2008. “Social Science Research Funding in Canada: Additional Notes.” Zero Anthropology, May 9.

2008. “Social Science Research Funding in Canada, or: ‘Where Devils Dare to Defecate’.” Zero Anthropology, May 7.

2008. “SSHRC: International Collaboration?Zero Anthropology, May 6.

2008. “Ethics and the Other.” Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2008. “Cosmopolitan Anthropology as Responsibility to the Other.” Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2008. “Methodological Cosmopolitanism in Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2008. “What do anthropologists care about cosmopolitanism?Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2008. “Open Access Journal Publishing in Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, September 10.

2008. “Michael Taussig: The End of the Masterful Explanation.” Zero Anthropology, July 22.

2008. “‘The Field’: Doing ‘Anthropology’.” Zero Anthropology, June 25.

2008. “The Romance of Anthropology & Getting Real Public Attention.” Zero Anthropology, June 16.

2008. “Indiana Jones and the Colonial World.” Zero Anthropology, June 11.

2008. “Colonialism and the Archaeological Wild Man: Canadian anthropologists react to Indiana Jones.” Zero Anthropology, June 5.

2008. “RECLAIM THE ANTHROPOLOGIX.” Zero Anthropology, May 16.

2008. “Useful Anthropology (and ‘Political Gonorrhoea’).” Zero Anthropology, May 16.

2008. “Not Radical Enough: Disengaged Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, May 13.

2008. “Debating Public Anthropology: American Anthropologist.” Zero Anthropology, May 10.

2008. “Maurice Bloch: ‘Reluctant Anthropologist’ or ‘Anti-Anthropologist’?Zero Anthropology, April 30.

2008. “Public Anthropology or Anthropology in Public?Zero Anthropology, April 19.

2008. “George Marcus: ‘No New Ideas’ & the After-Life of Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, April 4.

2007. “Fieldwork: Not an Inalienable Right, but an Expendable Rite.” Zero Anthropology, November 23.

2007. “Dominica, Caribs, and a German U-boat? The problem of why ‘we always get people like you’.” Zero Anthropology, November 17.

2007. “Paths Ahead, 3: Decolonization and Open Knowledge.” Zero Anthropology, November 17.

2007. “Paths Ahead, 2: Questions about ‘Academic Colonialism’.” Zero Anthropology, November 17.

2007. “Paths Ahead? 1.” Zero Anthropology, November 2.

2007. “‘Models’ of Anthropological Colonialism?Zero Anthropology, November 2.

2007. “‘Important Ideas’ in Anthropology.” Zero Anthropology, November 2.

2007. “The Ethnographer’s ‘Job’ Makes a Little Boy Laugh.” Zero Anthropology, November 2.

2007. “‘Deep Hanging Out’? Yeah right.” Zero Anthropology, October 20.

2007. “‘We Have Ethnography’.” Zero Anthropology, October 19.

2007. “Yes Master, Ethnography is Truth.” Zero Anthropology, October 19.

2007. “Anthropology and Colonialism: More from Diane Lewis (1973).” Zero Anthropology, October 15.

2007. “Diane Lewis: Anthropology and Colonialism.” Zero Anthropology, October 13.

2007. “Anthropology’s Dirty Little Colonial Streak.” Zero Anthropology, October 12. (First published on The CAC Review, which became Review of the Indigenous Caribbean–and led to the creation of the ZA blog.)

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Anthropologist focusing on imperialism, neoliberalism, militarization, "humanitarian intervention," decolonization, Indigenous movements, and other topics in Political Anthropology. In addition, he teaches courses on visual anthropology, media ethnographies, and cultural imperialism. He is a full Professor in the Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal. Please direct comments and inquiries to